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Parkade Parking Ramp

There are 432 parking spaces available at this site.  The Parkade parking ramp is located on 6th Street and Broadway Avenue. It is the parking ramp attached to the building Red Wing Shoes and DeCoteau Trauma are located in. The entrance to this ramp is located on 6th Street. Exiting the facility results in a right or left turn onto 6th Street.






The Parkade has six covered levels for parkingas well as the roof-top level. Each covered parking level is identified by a different color.  This is the order of the colors starting with the lowest level to the ground: yellow, blue, green, red, orange, purple, and then the roof-top.  Exiting traffic can merge onto the spiral from southside of the green level, southside of the orange level, or the southside of the roof-top.




The skywalk located on the Green Level is a convenience to guests of the Radisson Hotel.





There are 12 cameras in the Parkade recording activity. In addition, all patrol vehicles of the Bismarck Police Department have parking passes allowing convenient access to the ramps any time, day or night.


Hourly Parking Payment Rates:

0:01 to 1 Hour $1.50

1:01 to 2 Hours $3.00

2:01 to 3 Hours $4.50

3:01 to 4 Hours $6.00

4:01 to 5 Hours $7.50

5:01 to 24 Hours $8.00

If the parking booth is not manned when exiting the ramp, deposit your payment and parking ticket in the after-hours drop slot located to the lower left of the cashier’s window. Receipts will be mailed if you write down your name and address on the back of your ticket.



Monthly Rent Rates:

Covered Parking $64.00

Roof-top Parking $40.00

Nights: 4 PM to 4 AM $28.00


Please visit us at the Parkade office, 114 N. 6th Street, to sign up for monthly parking.






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